Triacca Group

With 125 years of experience, Triacca Group is an authentic winemaker that produces and exports all the excellence of its products to the Italian, Swiss and European market. 

Thanks to its vineyards in our production areas, the cellars and Estates in Valtellina (La Gatta), Chianti Classico (La Madonnina) and Montepulciano (Santavenere), we deliver typical local quality and variety.

All this culminates in a product that is accompanied every step of the way, ensuring genuine and value production, like the red and white wines of Valtellina, Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano, spumante, grappas and olive oil.


From My Vineyard

From 1897 to the present day, Triacca has remained a family-run business, renewing itself from generation to generation, with commitment, consistency and passion.

We have studied and selected the finest grapes, improved and created new processing techniques and honed the perfect balance between quality production, value and respect for the environment. From field to ageing, from pruning to harvest, from bottling to sale. 

We have forged a pathway and now the fifth generation is ready to step up and lead the company, inspired by the concept of "from my vineyard", which continues to accompany the group, every step of the way.